Assignment Agreement

The following documents and information are required for recording of assignment agreement:


1.   Powers of Attorney from Assignor or Assignee, which are duly notarized. No legalization is required;

2.   Two original/certified copies of the Assignment Agreement;

3.   Original Patent for Invention/Utility Solution/Industrial Design or Certificate of Registration of Trademark.


The Assignment Agreement must include the following information:

Ø Full name and address of the Assignor and Assignee;

Ø Details o­n the assigned subject;

Ø Price of the Assignment and term of payment;

Ø Rights and obligations of each party;

Ø Conditions for amendment, termination and invalidation of the Agreement;

Ø Method of settlement of disputes;

Ø Signing date and place;

Ø Notarized signatures by the authorized representatives of both Assignor and Assignee. 

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